To become the premier shipping and delivery service provider in Trinidad, through innovative service solutions, technology and service excellence.



At SeaBox, we will set the industry standard for reliability, service and innovation. We will ensure that we satisfy all aspects of our customers’ needs and requirements, and deliveries are done in a timely manner. This will be achieved through continuous improvement, extensive training and by placing a high level of importance on customer service. Also, communication with our clients is of utmost importance to ensure that they are well informed of the status of their shipments.


Seabox provides customers with a US address for all foreign purchases no matter how BIG or SMALL. With rates at a fraction of the cost that other similar competitors provide. Our clients have the ability to purchase items abroad and send them to our Miami address. From there, we will ship these items to Trinidad, clear and deliver to the address our customers have listed on their account. Customers will also be able to ship larger items such as furniture, tyres, televisions, etc, at a lower rate. Our services extend to products that have air-freight restrictions or that are just too heavy or oversized. You can now ship hassle free with Seabox. All of this can be done within a week and a half from the package arriving at our Miami office.


Seabox provides a user-friendly service that is intended to provide full convenience to the customer

  • Free sign up online or through sign up forms
  • Access your personal Suite # and US address for shopping
  • Start shopping and ship to your Seabox address
  • SeaBox receives and prepares for shipping via ocean
  • Packages sail to POS in one week
  • Packages are cleared by Customs & Excise
  • After clearance, packages are transferred to Seabox’s home base
  • On the next business day, bills are completed for the entire shipment
  • Packages are delivered to the address on file