Kindly be advised that The Customs & Excise Division is implementing some changes as it relates to the importation and clearance of your ocean courier cargo. Customs is diligently working to curtail some of the challenges faced by the numerous courier companies and we support their efforts in streamlining the process.

In doing so, the following information is needed as too prevent any delays with your shipments.

URGENT! You are required to sign a letter of authorization.

The letter must be signed and accompanied by a copy of your ID and must be emailed or hand delivered to our office with immediate effect. The letter will read as follows:

I, (your name as registered at SeaBox) of ________ , ID___________ #_______. hereby authorize SeaBox Trinidad Ltd. to clear all incoming cargo on my behalf.

Signed (by you)

ID attached.

You can email following email addresses:

This letter is only required once. SeaBox will keep each letter on file for continued reference.

As we work through this process with Customs we appreciate your timely submission of the requirements. We will continue to update you as information becomes available.

Please keep reading our updates via our website, we are also sending Newsletters to each client.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.

Your SeaBox Team