1. Using our Register Here button, you can sign up for FREE. We have no registration fee or annual membership charge.
  2. Once you register, you will receive an email from seabox miami inc with the shipping address and your personal suite number (STE #).
  3. Our weekly Cut Off  is Friday at 5pm. Seabox sails from Miami every Wednesday. It is 1 week transit from Miami to Trinidad & Clearance within the week after arrival(*).
  4. You will receive a notification via email when your package is received and processed in Miami. The message states “we are processing a package for you”. This email contains a link to your Warehouse Receipt (WR).
  5. Email with your Warehouse Receipt Number and invoice for the respective package. Any Discripancies must be stated at this time so that the relevant correction can be made prior to submission to customs.
  6. You will receive an invoice from once your package has been cleared by Customs. This will signify that your package is ready for collection or delivery.
  7. You will be called by our couriers to arrange delivery of your package.

* Subject to change based on sailing schedules


  1. Once your registration confirmation email has been received…you can begin shopping!!! Your Name & Suite number must be placed on every package being shipped. Failure to include your name and suite # can delay the delivery of your package.
  2. You must adhere to the cutoff day & time for your item to sail on Wednesday. It must arrive the week prior by Friday at 5pm. Items arriving after this time will depart  on the following sailing.
  3. Keep your Warehouse Receipt number handy for reference when contacting the office for update. Your Warehouse Receipt includes information regarding your package.
  4. We require a copy of your invoice for the clearance of your goods. The invoice is not always sent by the supplier. Please send invoices with your WR# to when you receive your Warehouse Receipt Number.
  5. If the description on your Warehouse Receipt is not what you have ordered, please indicate this to us by sending an email with the Warehouse Receipt to Please state clearly the discrepancy to avoid the incorrect duty being applied.
  6. At times you may need to consider that your item may be delivered on a pallet due to packaging, size or weight. This additional weight will be applied to your invoice.
  7. Not all suppliers hold stock of all items ordered. Your item may therefore be delivered by a Third Party. On your Warehouse Receipt you may notice the supplier is different from where you purchased. e.g. A supplement bought by Amazon may be supplied by Costco
  8. A change in your delivery address locally will incur a cost of TT$50 for each courier shipment and a cost of TT$150 for each LCL shipment.


  1. Track your package by using the tracking number sent by your supplier.
  2. From the tracking number, confirm that it was delivered to Seabox
  3. Log on to “track my package” on the website. You must have your username and password available at login.
  4. Call (223-7269) or email with the Warehouse Receipt Number. If you do not have the Warehouse Receipt Number, email us the tracking information.
  5. A CSR will be in touch with you to confirm the package location.

Understanding the Magaya Status

  • ON HAND – On hand appears once it’s received and is placed into the system.
  • PROCESSING – Processing status means it has been manifested to sail or has just sailed
  • LOADED – The shipment has been loaded/completed
  • INTRANSIT – Your shipment is on its way!